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Why you need to stop to do PPC and Focus on Organic SEO!

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What’s Organic SEO?

When we talk about the organic search we mean that part of Google look for which it is impossible to purchase placements. In fact, Google would like to demonstrate that the websites that correspond as closely as possible to the user’s request (query).

Its performance is explained in detail on the following page, where you will find a lot of information regarding the processes that take place before and during the introduction of a results page:

What are the advantages of using this organic SEO?

By improving the natural positioning (or organic SEO the positioning of a website, if you like) we imply the increase in visibility on the search engine among the non-paid outcomes.

The search engines have now become merged as a link between the online user that searches for certain products, services or advice and the user who has that resource and wishes to provide it online.

Non-optimized rather than put content is lost in an immense network like the web and therefore organic positioning strategies on internet search engines become vital for the visibility of a website.

When a user conducts a search motor, they will be offered a string of sponsored or organic effects.

Sponsored results are advertising spaces purchased by firms through keyword advertising, while natural outcomes would be the natural rankings of study.

In these situations, the content is located in that place in an entirely natural manner and with no prices because, after the necessary analysis, the search engine considers that webpage as applicable and useful for the user’s research.





Attributes and characteristics of organic Search Engine Optimization

SEO positioning approaches can be substantially split into the following main stages:

The specialized optimisation of the site through an Search Engine Optimization audit consultancy;

On-site and on-page optimization of the site, therefore of this construction of the website and its contents;

The gain in the popularity of the site through a link building.

A consultant who does not perfectly know every one of these search engine optimization providers and these phases cannot be said to become expert or reliable.



Even from a purely economic point of view, improving organic organic positioning on search engines is much cheaper than pay per click.

The pay per click advertising campaigns allow you to obtain key words to set”sponsored links” at the maximum part of this SERP.

They allow you to achieve, by making accessible a particular budget, immediate visibility on the search engine making you appear among the privileged positions of the SERP. Visibility ends when you run out of budget.

Improving natural positioning, on the other hand, requires more time and many more skills than a pay per click advertising effort but provides long-term benefits without needing to use types of paid advertisements.

With natural placement, you’ll receive quality traffic on your website

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