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Top Free SEO Tools for Canadian Business Owners in 2021



Top Free SEO Tools for Canadian Business Owners in 2021

Search Engine Optimization Tools for Webmaster


There are a myriad of SEO tools you should use to realise your set objectives. There are both paid and free SEO tools you can use. At WEBBC, we can help you realise your SEO objectives in the most effective way. We do not only have a team of experts that can help you out, but use some of the best free SEO tools that can help take your website at the top of Google and other major search engines. Below are some of the free SEO tools we use at WEBBC.

Google analytics 

You cannot succeed online if you do not use Google analytics. This is a free tool that helps provide comprehensive and high quality information regarding how your website is doing online. It helps provide information regarding your site traffic, visitors and others that help you have a clear picture on the performance of your website.

Google Search Console 

Google search console assists give some information that is also provided by Google analytics. However, it is more straightforward and simple to use. Some of the information you get include search queries, latest links and also helps in doing assessment of your website. It offers clear information that allows you to know how your website is doing and know if there are some changes you need to make.

Keyword planner 

At WEBBC, we also use keyword planner which is a keyword tool that helps in researching keywords. It helps you as you begin doing keyword research. The tool offers more functionality and allows you get organic keywords that will help your website convert.


To succeed in SEO, there is a high need for you to understand the different stuff used in the process. By using MozBar, you will discover the appropriate stuff at a glance. It has three major categories of data including link data, page elements and page attributes. Page elements show different aspects of on page SEO such as description, H1s, title and others. Page attributes show the different features involved in onsite optimization such as load time, robots and link data.

SEO workers analysis tool

This analysis tool helps in plugging in a website URL. It allows you to plug any website even if it is not yours and give you a well detailed report. The tool does not offer anything new, bust assist you to save a lot of time when doing the analysis. It provides comprehensive and quick data such as HTTP header check. Besides, the tool has unique features that train you on SEO besides showing the SEO data that is crucial. It offers some information that you cannot get from other reporting and SEO tools. However, one of its shortcomings is that it may provide you with information overload.


At WEBBC we have WooRank that provide relevant insights on some of the SEO stuff that are not so obvious. It allows you to analyze any type of website and get a well detailed report in a matter of seconds.

The above are some of the free SEO tools we use at you can visit for more tools we use to improve your SEO.




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